Cultural Conversations – Trans Rights in the U.S.

Culture University

Date: 12 May at 17.00-18.00

Venue: American Corner Szeged

This month, we will be having a cultural conversation about trans* (a term used to cover all people who do not conform to the gender they were assigned at birth) rights in the US. Recent media attention paid to male-to-female athletes has brought a new dimension to ongoing conversations about trans* rights in the United States. Conservative media has painted a picture of male-to-female athletes dominating their fields to the exclusion of cisgendered female athletes. Some sports bodies have even started testing female athletes’ hormone levels and insisting those with naturally high testosterone should either take hormone therapy to correct this or be banned from competing. This debate is added to a number of other recent cultural touchpoints, such as the banning of trans* servicemembers from the US Armed Forces and the debate about forcing people to use bathrooms consistent with the gender they have on official ID. This week, we welcome you to join our conversation about the struggle for rights and acceptance, and we look at the many ways this continues to be a challenge in the US.

The debate about trans* women in sports:
The current status of the transgender ban in the military:
A study showing young people increasingly accept and embrace trans* identities:


Photo by Jordan McDonald on Unsplash

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