“Tommorrow and The Butterfly’ – Italian documentary premiered in Los Angeles, Santa Monica


 On November 4th an Italian documentary by director Alessandro Soetje ‘Tomorrow and The Butterfly’ premiered in Los Angeles in the Laemmle Film Center Santa Monica with honored guests and celebrities. The VIP list had included names like Larry Namer, founder of E! Entertainment Network, actress and formal Miss Golden Globe Kat Kramer, actor Vincent de Paul, model and actress Eugenia Kuzmina. 

The feature-length documentary filmed in six vignettes with Davide Bollati, chairman of professional beauty company The Davines Group. The direction of the documentary was curated by director/director of photography Alessandro Soetje, who born in Italy, Bologna and graduated on University of Milan. His focuses are on documentaries and journalistic programs, all over the world. The co-writer of the film, Jorge Blanco, who is also the Creative Director North America of The Davines, appeared on the LA premier. I asked him about the reason to make the documentary and his thoughts about ‘What beauty means for him’.

“We worked on the movie actually for four years and we wrapped earlier this spring. We wanted to make a film about beauty, sustainability and diversity, and to talk about things and to brake all the stereotypes. Hopefully after people will have much deeper sensations about what beauty could be, naturally, artistically and environmentally. The Davines much more as a product – it is a lifestyle. – he said. Beauty for me… good question…  is finding experience that allows you to live beyond the everyday.”

Kat Kramer, former Miss Golden Globe also shared her thoughts about beauty with us: “Beauty to me is the sustainability of the natural environment.  I think we need to protect the environment.”- she added.

The link of the official trailer:   https://vimeo.com/334327809/c20c55a206

Photo: Tshombe Sampson

Text: Virág Vida

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