Bach for All Festival Begins On March 16th


Bach for All Festival (Bach Mindenkinek Fesztivál) is taking place this year, free of charge, in 100 cities and localities in the Carpathian Basin in concert halls, churches, schools, hospitals, underpasses and squares from March 16 to 22, with artists volunteering their time in aid of the child ambulance charity foundation Magyar Gyermekmentő Alapítvány.

Audiences will also be asked to make donations to the charity, László Zalán Kovács, the festival’s director, told a news conference. The festival will feature the National Philharmonic Orchestra, Honvéd Male Choir, Hungarian State Opera Orchestra, Kodály Philharmonic Orchestra in Debrecen and the Kodály Choir among others. The opening concert will take place in the Eiffel Workshop of the State Opera House, and the closing concert will be hosted by the Gödöllő Royal Palace.

Éva Gesztes of the Hungarian Children’s Rescue Foundation said money raised will go towards purchasing a mobile ventilator suitable for babies, children and adults. At the press conference, a new ventilator-anesthesia machine, purchased from 3.5 million forints raised at the festival in 2019, was unveiled at Bethesda Children’s Hospital.

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