Tax authority cracks down on illegal oil traders

Economy National Police

Hungarian tax office (NAV) investigators have identified a group of criminal suspects in connection with a scam to offload 4.5 million litres of low-grade oil at a mark-up while dodging tax, costing the treasury 750 million forints (EUR 2.1m), NAV said.


According to a NAV statement, the group, headed by two men, purchased fuel oil in Poland, and sold it Hungary without paying any taxes. The gang used Croatian, Hungarian, and Czech companies as a front for their activities, the statement added.
The oil, bought by customers in Hungary as a replacement for diesel, was not up to Hungarian standards, NAV said. NAV has seized equipment for a mobile filling station, vans, properties, as well as cash and fuel, and it froze bank accounts connected to the gang, the statement said. The authority is raising charges against 30 people for organised fraud and dealing in stolen goods. NAV carried out the investigation in cooperation with the Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Romanian, and Polish authorities.



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