Infrastructural Expansion in Határ Street Industrial Park Began


Significant infrastructural development started in Debrecen, in Debrecen Regional and Innovation Science Technology Park in Határ Street, which makes a total of 35 hectares of development area suitable for receiving investors, in more phases.

The owner DIPA Kft. is expanding the road and cycle route network of the park, as well as the water utility network. DIPA Kft. received 314.54 million HUF non-refundable support from the budget of the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme to implement the project. Parallel to the construction works of the first phase, the planning and preparation of the next phases are carried out. Following the completion of the latter, Debrecen Regional and Innovation Science Technology Park will have a direct entrance from Kishegyesi Road, which will ease the overload of traffic at the junction of Kishegyesi and Határ Roads. The investment was presented by the company as part of a press conference on 21 May 2020. The event was attended by István Herdon, CEO of Xanga Group of Companies and László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen as well.


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