Flower Carts Displayed in the City

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Several flower carts of the 50th Jubilee Flower Carnival have been displayed in various parts of the city.

After this year’s 50th Jubilee Flower Carnival, the most beautiful flower carts are displayed in Debrecen so everyone can see them. Local residents and tourists can see and take photos of eleven flower carts in the following places:

  • Paderborn – Cívis street post office
  • Schaeffler – Szabó Lőrinc street (Liget Residential Park)
  • Teva – Józsapark
  • Thyssenkrupp – In front of Füredi Söröző
  • E-on – Széna square
  • DSzC – Bihari square
  • Krones – Lehel street 2-4-6.
  • DIEHL Aviation – Ice Hall
  • Continental – Angyalföld square (Tócóskert Market)
  • Meglepetés óriás – Fényesudvar Market
  • A.K.S.D. – Fészek Residential Park

Some of the carts are going to be taken back to and displayed on Kossuth square on the 22nd of August.


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