Tiszavirág, Iconic Boutique Hotel of Szeged Has Been Closed

Local News

Tiszavirág operated in an iconic monument building in Szeged, but we can’t even look around on the hotel’s website anymore, because this inscription greets us: We regret to inform you that the Tiszavirág Hotel és Kávézó will be closed indefinitely from October 10th, 2022 – wrote the popular Szeged restaurant on its Facebook page.

The exact reason for the closure is not known, but in recent years more and more restaurants have been forced to close their doors nationwide due to the energy crisis, increased utility costs and inflation.

The Tiszavirág Hotel és Kávézó opened in 2012 after the building was renovated. The house on Hajnóczy street was built by the goldsmith Samu Politzer in 1859, in a romantic style. It is one of the oldest houses in Szeged, which survived even after the great flood. Among other things, a law firm operated there, Chief Rabbi Immánuel Löw rented an apartment here, and later Róza Gerner set up his hat salon. According to contemporary documents, there was also a funhouse in the building called Vörös Malom – wrote the Architects’ Forum about the building.


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