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Szeged International Airshow to take place again

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Spectacular Hungarian performances and unique foreign aircraft, drones, helicopters, gliders, propeller and jet planes, model aircraft, and parachutists await visitors in mid-September at the Szeged International Airshow, the most anticipated aviation event in the Southern Great Plain region, organizers informed MTI.

The event is specifically a civilian aviation weekend, where the audience typically does not see military aircraft but rather performances by aerobatic pilots who do not wear uniforms.

On September 13 and 14, the audience will see world-famous teams such as the three-plane Romanian aerobatic formation Aerobatic Yakers, the Polish Flying Dragons group, and the Slovakian Retro Sky Team.

Visitors to the Szeged Airport can also see the world’s first “flying car,” the AutoGyro. The weekend will also feature a drone show and a parachute formation jump demonstration. The skies will showcase the Czech-made L-29 Delfin jet, the Italian turbofan military training aircraft Jet Marchetti S-211, the Soviet-designed MI-2 transport helicopter, and the first-generation Soviet jet fighter MIG-15. Renowned Hungarian aerobatic pilots such as Péter Besenyei, Gyula Vári, Pál Hársfalvi, and Zoltán Veres are also set to perform in Szeged.

Surpassing last year’s event, organizers are preparing an even bigger and more spectacular night show for the closing day, but visitors can expect a program filled with spectacular elements from the first evening after sunset.

Szeged will also host the 25th FAI Hot Air Balloon World Championship in early September, making the Szeged Airport the venue for two outstanding events. Consequently, the Szeged International Airshow program and visitor area have been moved to the northwest side of the airport, near the Maty-ér Olympic Center, to make it even easier, more comfortable, and safer for guests to enjoy the displays and the balloons, according to the statement.


Photo: Yvette Frank


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