Unknown Lottery Winner Did Not Pick Up 1.6 Billion HuF


According to Pénzcentrum, an unknown lottery winner did not pick up the money – 1.6 billion HuF – he/she had won back in 2018.

The unknown person won the lottery back in June, 2018, however, he/she has not picked up the money – 1.6 billion HuF – since then.

Unfortunately, now, the winner has no chance to apply for this great amount of money, since lottery winners have only 90 days to pick up the money they have won.

Between the 21st week of 2018 and the 34th week of 2019, 4% of winners did not apply for the money they won on lottery. Typically, winners have left a few thousand forints at Szerencsejáték Zrt..

Source: www.penzcentrum.hu

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