Agriculture Minister Greets 11th Agriculture Forum for Carpathian Basin


Agriculture Minister István Nagy on Monday greeted the 11th Cooperation Forum of the Carpathian Basin, an event organised in Budapest for agricultural professionals in the region, and said that the joint efforts of the past 12 years had successfully crossed the “borders between the nation’s regions “. The forum helps professionals to build networks and evaluate the sector’s possibilities together, he said.

Last year’s historic drought, the war in Ukraine and the sanctions, sky rocketing energy and produce prices will continue to weigh on the resources, Nagy said. Hungary’s government has been supporting farmers across the borders with tenders and other programmes facilitating knowledge exchange and a strong cooperation between entrepreneurs in Hungary and across the borders, Nagy said. “All those with a minimal understanding of economic processes and willing to take off their blinders will understand that economic success of Hungarians and the Carpathian Basin will also serve neighbouring countries well, and improve competitiveness,” he said.


János Árpád Potápi, the state secretary in charge of policies for Hungarian communities abroad, said that the Hungarian parliament passed a law on dual citizenship on May 26 in 2010, starting “a peaceful reunification of the Hungarian nation within the confines of the current borders”. Under the law, 1,170,000 people have so far been granted Hungarian citizenship.


Potápi said the government’s policy for Hungarians abroad focused on creating the legal framework for their support during the 2010-2014 period. Later on, the focus shifted to supporting Hungarian communities economically and financially to help them thrive in their homeland, he said.


Hungarian institutions have also been strengthened in the Carpathian Basin, he said, adding that programmes supporting Hungarian communities abroad would be continued and broadened next year.


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