Antiviral marketed without a license


The Csongrád District Prosecutor’s Office has indicted a local man who, for one and a half years, sold drops advertised as suitable for the treatment of viral diseases through an online store.

According to the indictment, the defendant founded a company in Romania in August 2017, including for the production of pharmaceuticals. Subsequently, in December 2017, he established a Hungarian-language web store on behalf of the company, designating himself as a contact person. On the website, he advertised a solution containing sodium chloride, hydrochloric acid and citric acid, which he claims would “eradicate malaria from the body in 48 hours”, permanently removing influenza, bacteria and viruses, but also suitable for preventing and treating various infections and diseases. . The accused also promoted the product on videos on other websites and on social media, where he personally described the effects and uses of the solution. Incidentally, the accused packed the product from the raw materials he had purchased at his apartment in Csongrád and the customers could pay for it online. Until the deletion of the website in July 2019, the man sold approximately HUF 1.2 million worth of the solution.

The product marketed by the accused is a medicinal product under the current regulations, for which he was not authorized to market.

The report was made by the national chief medical officer following a call from the WHO and a report from an individual to the National Center for Public Health. According to the WHO, the product is being marketed for the second time since 2010 and has had adverse effects in several countries, so placing the product on the market poses a risk to public health. The National Institute of Pharmacy and Food Health also made a statement, emphasizing that it is in fact a preparation with a similar effect to a household hypo.

The district prosecutor’s office has charged the man with the crime of counterfeiting drugs by making it widely available to users.

The guilt of the accused will be decided by the Csongrád District Court.

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