Two-Year-Old Child Dies in a House Fire in Kisdombegyház


Firefighters found the body of a small child in Kisdombegyház, Békés county, where a family house caught fire on Thursday afternoon.

The police initiated a case of murder due to negligence, reports MTI. Dániel Mukics, the spokesperson of the National Directorate General of Disaster Prevention, wrote in the statement: two rooms and the hall in the farmhouse burned completely. Firefighters found the body of a child while putting out the flames. The building has become uninhabitable, the local government will take care of housing the residents, Mukics said. According to the news reported on, a two-year-old child, a 17-year-old person and a 68-year-old woman were in the building when the fire broke out. The adults were still able to escape, but the little boy could not be rescued, he died on the spot.

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