Tragedy in Dombegyház: The Victim’s Clothes Caught Fire While Cooking


On Saturday morning at around 8:30 a tragic incident in Békés county was reported to the disaster management.

Fire broke out in the kitchen of a family house during cooking in Mezőfi street in Dombegyház. When the firefighters arrived, there were no flames in the building. Presumably, the victim’s clothes caught fire while cooking and this led to the tragedy. Nothing else caught fire in the kitchen.

The disaster management is launching a fire investigation procedure in connection with the tragic incident. In their announcement, they also wrote that it is common for a cutting board, the packaging of an ingredient, or a knife with a plastic handle to be so close to the stove that it catches fire. Attention was drawn to it: always keep the surroundings of the stove in order, this way we can prevent fires. Loose, synthetic clothes can also easily catch fire, it is worth rolling up the sleeves of these while cooking.

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