Szeged, a Szegedi Biológiai Kutatóközpont ( SZBK ) újszegedi épületére felkerült az új logó. Fotó: Frank Yvette

Researchers at the Biological Research Centre in Szeged are working on improving the effectiveness of drug therapy against cancer

Researchers at the Szeged Biological Research Centre (SZBK), led by Gyula Timinszky, are working on enhancing the effectiveness of a currently used drug therapy to treat more types of cancer, according to an announcement on the institution’s website, part of the Hungarian Research Network (HUN-REN).

The University of Szeged joined the Hungarian Parasport D

The University of Szeged joined the Hungarian Parasport Day – photo gallery

The Hungarian Paralympic Committee (MPB) and the Hungarian School, Competitive and Recreation Sports Federation for People with Disabilities (FODISZ) organized the Hungarian Parasport Day in cooperation with the Hungarian University Sports Federation (MEFS) for the seventh time. The University of Szeged also joined the initiative this year.

The new Erasmus+ students have arrived at the University of Szeged

The University of Szeged held orientation days for new Erasmus+ students who arrived for the second semester of the 2023-2024 academic year. The students unanimously say that after the first few days, they like the environment and look forward to the next semester. Most of them are visiting Szeged for the first time, they chose […]

Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) Expanding Internationally – Is The Whole Institution About Rightwing Propaganda?

Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) is a conservative Hungarian educational institution funded by Viktor Orbán’s rightwing government. The institution is expanding internationally: they have opened a centre in Brussels, bought a university in Vienna and they are planning to establish new branches in various European cities.