The Uni Supports Children in Need


The University of Debrecen and the Kenézy Gyula County Hospital support the Institute for the Deaf in medical ways too.

The two medical supplier provides the most effective professional background for those students who need special treatment. Besides screening, the most operative therapies and diagnostic methods are available, which help reveal the causes of diseases and improve the quality of patients’ life.

As Szilvássy Zoltán, Rector of the University said, this is the first time that the University of Debrecen, the Kenézy Gyula County Hospital, the REOF non-profit Ltd (which provides the financial support for the project) and the Klebelsberg Institution have collaborated to provide the highest level of supply for deaf children.

Tóth Tibor, chief of medicine for Kenézy Gyula County Hospital thinks it is an exemplary collaboration that eventuates getting support the fastest way possible for the children who need it.

There are four institutes in Hungary – including the one in Debrecen – working on the complex therapeutic improvement of deaf people. None of them would be able to work without the right sanitary background, which includes high quality hearing-aid devices and corrective hearing surgeries.




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