Opposition to Turn to Constitutional Court Over Law on Foundations


The opposition parties are turning to the Constitutional Court over the law putting the operation of several universities into asset management foundations, the parties said in a statement on Thursday.


The law on public interest asset management foundations, which the parliament approved on Tuesday, lists a total of 32 foundations, of which 21 will be in charge of running higher education institutions. The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK), Jobbik, LMP, Momentum, Socialist and Parbeszéd parties have asked the court to annul the law and they called on the government to “stop ransacking the country”. The statement called it “unacceptable that the Orbán government, fearing an election defeat in 2022, is handing public funds to its strawmen.”

Regarding the government’s argument that universities would enjoy greater autonomy in the new system while their financial independence would remain guaranteed, the statement noted that the “best universities in Europe are state-owned”. “This is nothing other than a money and power grab,” it said.



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