New Energy Saving Measures Introduced at the University of Szeged


New energy saving measures have been introduced at the University of Szeged (SZTE), the majority of buildings will be closed at the end of the year and in the first week of 2023, the public relations directorate of the higher education institution announced on Tuesday.

According to the announcement, the aim of the measures is to reduce natural gas consumption in the academic area by 25 percent in each quarter compared to the same period in 2021, and to keep electricity consumption at last year’s level. They focus on raising awareness and rational energy use in public education and patient care.

The measures that had already been introduced – according to which the temperature in the buildings was reduced – were expanded with new provisions. There will be an administrative break at SZTE between December 19th and 23rd and January 2nd and 8th, and a significant part of the buildings will be closed between December 24th and January 1st.

During the first and second part of the administrative break, exams are held continuously, but in fewer rooms. There will be an exam break during the winter closure. The dormitories of SZTE will be closed during the administrative break and the winter closure, however, those students who cannot travel home during the shutdown can request accommodation at some institutions.

Most of the university buildings are closed during administrative breaks and winter closures. During this period, the health and public education buildings, the József Attila Study and Information Center and the animal houses belonging to the university, as well as some units necessary for the continuous performance of the university’s operational tasks, will be open.

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