Syrian accused of mass murders denies charges

Hassan F, a Syrian national accused of mass executions, terrorist acts and crimes against humanity, pleaded not guilty at a trial that began in Budapest.

Record 730 kilos of heroin seized

A record shipment of 730 kilos of pure heroin was recently jointly seized by the Slovenian and Hungarian authorities, law enforcers of both countries said in Nagykanizsa.


Celebrating 36 Years of Zoo Association Work in Hungary

Established exactly 36 years ago, on November 14, 1983, the Hungarian Association of Zoos is a professional organization comprising 13 Hungarian zoos and wildlife parks with the purpose of representing their interests, coordinating their various activities, and facilitate the exchange of information and data, thus promoting the development of the zoo profession in Hungary as […]

Csiky Theatre opens after reconstruction

The Gergely Csiky Theatre in Kaposvár, south-west Hungary, was opened on Monday after a three-year reconstruction.

Bauhaus Contemporary Exhibition Opens in Rome Hungarian Academy

A photo exhibition celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Bauhaus has opened in the Academy of Hungary in Rome.