A man sexually molested his daughter


The General Prosecutor’s Office of Szeged proposed upholding the 14-year prison sentence in the case of the man who regularly sexually harassed his daughter from the age of 11 during their relationship.

According to the non-final judgment, the 55-year-old man began to feel sexual desire towards his then 11-year-old daughter towards the end of 2019. From that point on, for almost two years, he regularly performed or had sex with his little daughter, who came to his home in Orosházi to maintain contact. The man also took photos of his naked little girl aimed at arousing sexual desire, several of which he sent to other people using Internet applications. On the man’s phone, there were another 71 recordings containing child pornography that depicted other children. Among them were several video recordings and photographs in which children under the age of 12 were the victims of violent sexual acts.

The Gyula District Court sentenced the man to 14 years imprisonment and 10 years’ suspension from public affairs for the crime of sexual violence, sexual abuse and child pornography, and permanently banned him from practicing any occupation or other activity in which he would work with children under the age of eighteen, as well as his parental rights terminated it.

The defendant and his lawyer appealed against the sentence for acquittal and mitigation.

According to the opinion of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Appeal, the verdict of the first-instance court is well-founded, and the tribunal correctly established the man’s guilt. Considering the circumstances of the crime and the circumstances that can be evaluated during the imposition of the punishment, the punishment imposed on the man is necessary and proportionate, therefore its substantial mitigation is not justified. Based on all of this, he made a motion to uphold the first-instance judgment.

The Szeged Court of Appeals will decide the case of the man under arrest.


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