Vodafone introduces super-fast Internet in new settlements

Vodafone Hungary has recently completed network development in three Central Hungarian regions under the Superfast Internet Program, making high-speed broadband Internet access available at more than 18 000 end-points. Thanks to the development, the company can offer Internet access with speeds of hundreds of megabits to consumer and business customers, schools and public administration institutions […]

Vodafone Hungary is one of the first companies to switch to permanent remote working

As a unique approach in Hungary, since July this year, Vodafone Hungary has been offering customer service staff the opportunity to work from home in a permanent manner. Teleworking had already been part of ‘business-as-usual’ for the company; however, experience from recent months has shown that this approach can be introduced in areas such as […]

Plastic Pollution in the Tisza River – Message in the Bottle

Are you also fed up with plastics floating in our beloved River Tisza? Get inspired by this movie about PET Kupa (Plastic Cup), an amazing initiative to decrease plastic waste in the river and discuss your questions and thoughts on a range of topics from the 2000 cyanide spill to microplastics with an expert (György […]