Korean Students Gave Concert


Korean students gave a gala concert, which ended their 3-day musical master course at the Faculty of Music.

The 20 Korean students received a scholarship, by which they were able to visit more master classes at various European cities. The current visit has not been the first one. The cooperation started in 2011, when the first Korean students arrived here to study.

Currently, there are eight foreign students at the department, most of them by Erasmus scholarship. In the same way, there are Hungarian students staying abroad, and they come back with many useful experiences, not only in the field of their studies, but also in terms of personal development. They learn responsibility and “adultness”, which is very important for a musician and for a teacher as well.

Besides students’ mobility, many teachers and professors arrive to the Faculty, especially during the Summer University. Usually, among the invited artists there are famous Hungarian musicians living abroad for a long time, as well as, Swedish, British, German and Belgian artists. Apart from some small tasks, the organization of this year’s Summer University for musicians, which attracts more than 100 people annually, has almost come to an end.

source: unideb.hu

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