Szeged, holokauszt, gyászistentisztelet, zsinagóga, megemlékezés, Holokauszt 80., évforduló

Holocaust victims remembered in Szeged

Local News

In Szeged, a memorial was held for the Holocaust victims at the monument erected at the entrance of the former brick factory ghetto on Cserzy Mihály Street.

Eighty years ago, the Szeged collection camp was emptied, and three trains transported the Jews from Szeged and its surroundings to death camps. The city had a Jewish community of seven thousand, but only a thousand returned. Following the Austro-Hungarian Compromise, Jewish residents significantly contributed to Szeged’s commercial and industrial development, including notable families like the Picks. A former high-ranking SS officer, Veesenmayer, testified at the Nuremberg trials that the deportation of rural Jews could not have been accomplished without the rigorous cooperation of the Hungarian state apparatus.

Photos: Yvette Frank

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